The WonderFalls

Introducing the most realistic, lightweight waterfall on the market. It’s time you experience the high quality, hand-made artistic feature many people can’t stop talking about. Wonderfalls™ creates wonderful movement and perfectly relaxing running water sound by using the traditional stepped rock waterfall style. Wonderfalls is truly a piece of working art.

Total weight: 500Lbs

Width is 66″
Height is 36″
Depth is 48″

WonderFalls Simple Installation

Video and Media Section

Introduction To Our NEW Jay Boulder

Our Newest Water Feature: The Jay Boulder

Fabrication Process

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    Additional Water Features

    Custom Water Features Available As Well

    Rio Boulder

    This feature has natural decorative channels that provide an abundance of beauty. These channels provide a perfect path for water to flow from. At 180 pounds with integrated piping, this large feature will be an easy install. This piece will bring tranquility to any space.

    Total Weight: 180lbs
    Width: 51″
    Height: 15″
    Depth: 44″

    Cap Boulder

    This feature has the size and soothing sound to make it stand out and blend in all at once. Trick your senses into relaxation with our Small Rock water feature. At only 60 pounds with integrated piping, pump, and parts, this can be the perfect D.I.Y. home kit anyone can install.

    Weight: 60lbs
    Width: 24″
    Height: 18″
    Depth: 20″

    Stellar Boulder

    A beautiful addition to any of the features, this is our take on the moss rock water feature. With 28 inches of height and water flowing down the sides, this piece provides a distinctive style with classic earth tones. The Stellar Water Feature has integrated plumbing and two outlets. It is easy to move and fits well indoors or outdoors. This piece will bring tranquility to any space.

    Weight: 160lbs
    Width: 44″
    Height: 28″
    Depth: 24″

    Jemez Boulder

    This feature provides directional water flow through the natural rock character. The feature provides 12 inches of height and water movements from the back of the rock to the front. The Square Rock Water Feature has integrated plumbing and one water outlet. It is easy to move and fits well indoors or outdoors. 

    Weight: 110lbs
    Width: 31″
    Height: 12″
    Depth: 27″

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